Game Development

[Updated] Collision Problem Fixed

Wow, I’m having a pretty good start with my blog.

Just an hour or so ago, I made my first post and mentioned that my game is having problems with enemy collision when there are multiples of the same enemy on the screen. Thirty minutes after the post, as I was working on the game, I stumbled upon the solution as I was trying to randomly guess which string of code should be read first by the game.

Maybe if I keep posting on this blog, solutions will keep popping up moments after submitting.



Maybe I got excited too quickly. It seems that only half of the collision problem has been fixed. On attacks merely colliding with enemies, it’s okay, but on attacks overlapping enemies, I ran into an issue. It’s fine if an attack is overlapping with one enemy, but with multiple enemies overlapped by an attack, it will only hit one of them. This is weird and funny, because this problem was sort of the solution for my previous problem with collisions. I just need to figure out how to damage all enemies that are overlapping an attack without only affecting one or affecting every enemy in the level.

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