Game Development

2D RPG On Hiatus…For Now

Some sad news for you and me.

I have put the current project that I have been working on for half-a-year on hiatus. The reason for this is that, even though I am working on this on my own, I still needed to have some sort of deadline; unfortunately, I’ve finally met and exceeded that deadline. “Why do you need a deadline,” you ask? Well, as much as I actually love game development and design, I still need to pay my bills somehow, and after six months worth of constant work on the game, I’ve reached a point where I now need to find some sort of employment in order to support myself and my projects.

Though this current game is on hold, I did start on a new project – a SMALL one. On this, you’re probably also thinking, “Why start on a new project? Why not just continue on the one you are working on already?” I totally get what you mean. But by me doing this, I can still find work while creating something that you all can get much sooner.

This small project I’m working on is estimated to take about three weeks to a month to complete. I’ve actually finished all the art for it, which took ten days (explaining why I haven’t been here for around that same amount of time). If I am to be working on the 2D RPG project while I’m looking for work instead, you’re probably looking at around another six months before it even reaches close to completion.

Again, sorry for this sad news, but I hope that this small game announcement is in any way a bit uplifting. Like the 2D project, I will also provide updates on the small game regularly.


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