Game Development

Coding For The Least Expected

As I mentioned on the previous post, I put my 2D RPG game on hold for the time being due to some constraints, but while I have (limited) time, I decided to start on a much smaller and simpler 2D platformer. It’s with the ‘smaller and simpler’ part where you discover the least expected thing that you have to do to make something functional.

I was working on the stage select for the game, thinking that it couldn’t possibly take more than twenty or even 30 lines of code to get it functional – how wrong I was. Instead of spending only one morning and creating twenty-something lines of code, I spend a total of two days and churned out more than a hundred lines of code.

The coding wasn’t that particularly difficult, but keep in mind that there’s only about twenty-five levels in the game, so for a stage select screen to taking this much time and code, it’s…not what I expected.

Now that I finally finished the stage select, I can now move on to more, I suppose, simpler parts of the game. Surely, they can’t take as much or more coding and time as the stage select.

I’m done ranting for now, but I’ll let you all know about anything new in the future.


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