Game Development

Half Way Through

It’s been around ten days since I’ve roughly finished all of the coding and got on with building the levels in my game.

The good news is that construction is going on quite smoothly. The bad news is, I never expected that level design can get pretty boring if you don’t work fast enough. For some reason, the longer you work on a level, the less motivated you become to finish it, and the more daunting the level looks like to you.

I’m getting around two levels done a day, which is satisfactory to me, since I really want to get this game done before the 18th of this month. Why 18th? Becauses I started on April 18, and June 18 would basically round it up to two months.

I’ve finished about half of all the levels in the game, and I am expecting to get them all done by the end of this week; that way, I can playtest the entire game, fix the bugs, finish up the smaller tasks needed for the game to look and function better, and finally have it published somewhere. The entire project – excluding the publishing part – should be done no later than Wednesday next week, and if I take longer than that, I’ll let you all know.


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