Game Development

Try My Hand At Mobile Game Making

Now that I’ve experienced competing in a game jam, it’s time for me to do something new. For this new something, I’m going to try making a mobile game.

The first step is to determine what choices of game engines I have for developing mobile games. I’ve seen several of them float by on the web, but I forgot their names. I’ll have to search for them on Google.

The second step is the mobile platform I decide to create my game on, and I’ve already decided to make the game for Android. I already am using an Android phone, and the sign-up fee to be a Google app developer is quite a bit more affordable than Apple’s – besides, I don’t have a iPhone or iPad.

Finally, I have to figure out what I should make the game about and actually create it. Of course, this is going to be much harder than the first two. Good thing I really enjoy making videogames.

I’m just hoping that my current workflow for making games can be applied to mobile game creation, because I don’t want to develop a completely different one just for mobile games.


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