Game Development

Released My First Mobile Game

It’s been slightly over a month since my last post, and I’ve been doing – you guessed it – work on my mobile game! And it’s finally finished! It’s an Android game called Cat Attack, Check it out!

My workflow that I use for other games worked just as well for mobile game development, but I wasn’t as organized as I usually was when it came to priorities, hahaha!

The new engine I used to create the game worked out pretty well for me…until I finally exported the game as an APK and tested it, then I saw that the engine has problems playing and stopping music when I needed it to. I had to spend around three extra days figuring out a workaround. It wasn’t the best one, but it was an adequate one while I wait for the engine developers to fix the bug.

The engine has a lot of similarities with other engines I’ve used, so it was quite easy to pick up and use, thankfully. It does lack some features that the others have which I really would like in this engine.

I actually really like this engine. I think that this engine will be my main one from this point on…unless I find something more intuitive, robust and FREE, but that may be a while from now. LOL


Get Cat Attack from the Play Store: Download

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