Game Development

Jack of all trades…

Just found out that Nyu Media is holding a TyranoBuilder game jam on and decided to enter it. Thankfully, I wasn’t too late to enter the jam and still have almost two months before the deadline.

Funny story: I actually purchased TyranoBuilder back in mid 2015 on Steam and never touched it since. I was so busy learning the other engines that loiter the web that I forgot I had this one until just a few days ago, so I finally decided to download the engine to my computer. The good things was that it was quite easy to learn–it only took me one evening to learn all the concepts that I needed to know. This brings me to one thing about the engine, which is that there are only a few pieces of documentation scattered around the internet for it, but mind you, this is more than the documentation available for Construct Classic that I ever found (excluding the book that you can buy for it).

There are also other jams on that I’m interested in entering, but most of them have already started–some are almost done. There is one that relies on using Microsoft Paint graphics, which starts a few days from now, so maybe I’ll enter that one.

Now that I’ve entered the TyranoBuilder jam, I have to start planning out my game.

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