Game Development

3 Jams in 2 Months

Oh, my god! The last two months were crazy for me!

I competed in three different game jams that were hosted on one was the Paint Jam, which I posted about previously; the 1-Bit Clicker Jam, and finally the 2017 TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam, which just ended a couple of days ago. I’ll post a link to my entries for each jam at the bottom of this page.

In the Paint Jam, I was confident that I had planned well enough to finish my game with the two-day time frame, but it was clear that I needed an extra third day to make the game more substantial. What I did then is create a post-jam version of it. Now, it’s a bit more finished. My entry ended in 7th place, by the way.

In the 1-Bit Clicker Jam, I had a lot more time (two weeks) to create my entry. I chose a horror theme. Again, like the Paint Jam, I underestimated the amount of time I needed to finish this entry. I had to cut out a lot of the stuff I planned during the concept stage of the development. I ranked, like, 95 on the contest, though (or something like that). The good news is, at least the game got some mentions and a couple of coverages from different people.

Finally, this year’s TyranoBuilder game jam. First off: all I can say about creating visual novels is that it’s almost a completely different animal compared to other genres of games when it comes to development. In different game genres that I made games in, maybe only 30% of the total game development cycle’s time went into creating the story, characters, settings, etc.; for visual novels, the time needed is almost the opposite. I’d say about 75-80% went into story, characters, settings, etc., while asset creation and actual development took only about a quarter of the total game’s development time.

We had an ample two months to complete our entry, but because I was an idiot and repeated the same mistake that I made in the 1-Bit Clicker Jam, I spent about six of the eight weeks in the jam creating the script for a game entry I ultimately did not go with, because it’s just too long and wouldn’t have been possible to complete it in time. I had to start a second story, two weeks before the jam ended; thankfully, I was able to finish this one on time.

I literally got very little sleep during these past few months because of these jams – but mainly because of the TyranoBuilder jam. Now that it’s all done, I think I’m going to stop entering game jams–at least until I get enough of a break from all this. Don’t get me wrong, I love game jams, and I love making games in general.

With all this said, links to my entries are at the bottom.


Cheese Bun (Paint Jam)

Libra (1-Bit Clicker Jam)

The Peanut Boy (2017 TyranoBuilder Spring Game Jam)

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