Game Development

2 More Jams…

Okay, so about me saying that I’m not entering any more jams in the previous post…I lied. I entered two more jams afterwards: the Dream Diary Jam and the CGA Jam. I already had other plans set up at that point, but I was very dumb and decided to enter them.

I finished my entry for the CGA Jam in time; my first entry for the Dream Diary Jam was incomplete since I had to submit something to meet the deadline, but the completed version was submitted over a month later (today – I literally just posted this one a few hours ago).

For both entries, I used Construct Classic. I decided that after I finally finished both entries, I’m retiring the engine. I’ve become so proficient with it, but it’s very unstable because of a huge memory bug present in it which Scirra never fixed (and I’m confidently assuming that they won’t, ever). It’s great for small/jam games, but once you make anything of size, it just can’t cope.

With all this said, I will now definitively say that these two jam entries were my last. The last 12 months (roughly) of entering game jams were a great experience, but I’d like to move on at this point. I’d like to get back to developing more “serious” games, however you want to interpret that.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Look forward to future posts, assuming that I’m not too lazy to do so, like how long this post took to be posted after the previous one. Links to my final jam entries are below.

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